Leading industry and healthcare-focused gases, technologies and services company Air Liquide announced the launch of ACT, a new set of sustainability initiatives covering a range of environmental, social and governance commitments.

The new sustainability strategy is based on the three key elements of Abatement of CO2 emissions, Care for patients, and Trust regarding engagement with employees and corporate governance.

On the decarbonization front, Air Liquide is aiming to begin reducing absolute emissions around 2025, and has set goals to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 33% by 2035 (vs 2020 emissions). The company outlined some of the initiatives it will pursue to reach its targets, including accelerating low-carbon hydrogen production through electrolysis or by using renewable feedstock such as biomethane, focusing on increasing energy efficiency and low carbon electricity consumption, and deploying a broad range of low-carbon solutions for its clients to help them decrease their CO2 footprint.

Air Liquide highlighted plans for investments of 8 billion euros in the low-carbon hydrogen supply chain, aiming to bring electrolysis capacity to 3 GW by 2030, and to triple its hydrogen revenues by 2035.

Under the “Care” pillar, Air Liquide is aiming to improve the quality of life of chronic patients at home in mature economies and to help facilitate access to medical oxygen for rural communities in low and middle income countries.

Other goals under the new sustainability program include providing a common basis of CARE COVERAGE for 100% of its employees, introducing an inclusion and diversity target to reach 35% of women among Managers & Professionals by 2025, and to implement best practices in terms of ethics, responsible dialogue and close relations with all shareholders.

Benoit Potier, Chairman and CEO of Air Liquide, said:

“States, individuals and companies : we all share a responsibility in building the future. Economic performance and sustainable development are therefore at the heart of Air Liquide’s growth strategy. Our expertise, backed by a diversified and deeply resilient business model, enables us to deliver sustained growth today while resolutely preparing the future. In that context we are introducing new ambitious Sustainability commitments, aiming at making a meaningful difference. Not only do we intend to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 and harness Climate change and energy transition with hydrogen playing a key role in our roadmap, but we also include healthcare, human resources and governance as part of our ESG objectives. With this global ambition, Air Liquide is making the commitment to ACT today for a sustainable future.”

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