Real estate and investment management firm JLL announced today the launch of a Sustainable Operations, a new end-to-end sustainability product aimed at assisting companies to configure, launch and manage sustainability programs for their real estate portfolios.

JLL’s new offering is targeted at one of the most critical, and difficult to address, emissions producing sectors of the economy. Buildings and real estate are significant contributors to the global climate challenge, accounting for approximately 40% of carbon emissions, according to the International Energy Agency and UN Environment Programme. They are also among the hardest to sources of emissions to replace, given their long-term nature.

According to JLL, 96% of its top 50 global clients have set ambitious, publicly stated green goals but only 19% have a clear sustainability strategy for the execution of their targets.

Sustainable Operations uses JLL’s Azara data platform and its Canopy analytics solution to generate machine learning-driven portfolio, facilities, space and workplace management insights. Canopy also centralizes utility and environmental data to more efficiently manage and monitor cost and performance, allowing companies to quickly pinpoint opportunities to optimize sustainability performance.

Neil Murray, Global CEO at JLL Work Dynamics, said:

“We’re able to tap the power of technology and analytics to better understand CRE data and not only offer strategic actions for our clients to improve their performance but actually implement those changes for them to drive meaningful change. That is the power of combining technology and sustainability into a singular strategy.”

JLL has also renamed its Corporate Solutions business as JLL Work Dynamics. The business helps enable clients to enhance the performance of their portfolios while realizing the goal of a more sustainable built environment through integrated services with a dedicated emphasis on sustainability and technology.

Murray added:

“As the world of work rapidly transforms, a more human-centric, resilient, and responsible real estate approach is required. Work Dynamics is more indicative of our purpose – enabling organizations to shape their workplaces to create a better world of work for their people.’’

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