Japan based international cosmetics company Shiseido announced today the release of a new Group Procurement Policy, which includes a includes “policy for responsible procurement” with expanded requirements for suppliers in key sustainability areas including environment and human rights.

Under the new policy, Shiseido adds sustainability as a priority in its supplier evaluation criteria, with the goal to increase business with suppliers with high sustainability performance.

Shiseido’s new procurement policy requires suppliers to agree to a broad set of criteria ranging from ensuring prohibition of discrimination, abuse, harassment, forced labor, human trafficking and child labor to the provision of safe work environments and healthy facilities. The policy also includes criteria targeting environmental protection, including biodiversity preservation, waste reduction, resource conservation, recycling and pollution prevention, and pledges to work with suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions.

Under the new policy, prior to working with new suppliers, Shiseido will conduct a supplier assessment to ensure that they are not high risk, and the company will evaluate existing suppliers on a regular basis. If suppliers are found to be high risk, they will be given a set time period to correct non-conformances, and the company will consider suspending business if problems are not corrected.

Click here to access Shiseido’s new procurement policy.

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