Global delivery giant FedEx announced today the launch of FedEx Sustainability Insights, a new tool enabling shippers to access estimated carbon emissions footprint data of shipments at the package and account level, based on network scan data.

According to FedEx, the new tool will enable customers to evaluate and manage the carbon impact of shipping, review shipping history to better understand shipping patterns and environmental impact, and create customized reports to provide carbon footprint data to customers and stakeholders.

Created by the company’s data-focused unit FedEx Dataworks, the new solution calculates greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, using a methodology that follows the WRI’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and includes industry standard emission factors, utilities and transportation specific operational metrics.

The tool displays data in a variety of metrics, mode of transport, service type, and country or territory for domestic and global FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight shipments.

FedEx also said that the new solution will serve as the foundation for a new suite of tools for e-commerce customers, with a new application programming interface (API) enabling customers to transfer emissions data to their own internal systems. According to the company the platform can help customers to target eco-conscious consumers, provide customers with information about the environmental impact of purchases, and create emissions reports for stakeholders and regulatory organizations.

Brie Carere, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at FedEx, said:

“We’ve heard from our shippers that they need more data on their shipping footprint as consumers increasingly weigh sustainability as a factor in purchasing decisions. Through innovations like FedEx Sustainability Insights, FedEx is empowering customers to access the information they need as part of our mutual pursuit of a more sustainable future.”

FedEx said that it can also use the data from the new solution to optimize its own operations and routes, and to work towards its own climate goals, including its commitment to be carbon neutral in operations by 2040.

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