Millions of people deal with water scarcity on a daily basis. And that number continues to grow. We believe that understanding water consumption is essential for responsible use. With the largest European collection of water data measured in real-time at professional organizations, Smartvatten has now created its first Annual Water Report – hoping to share insights and inspire others on the road to a sustainable future.

At Smartvatten, we believe that the responsible use and management of water can make a world of difference on the road to a sustainable and water efficient future. Founded in 2013, we facilitate real-time remote monitoring, measuring and management of water consumption in real estate around the world with a simple device, smart software, and high-quality analysis. We share our full-service water efficiency expertise worldwide, aiming to raise awareness and contribute to the sustainable use of water around the globe.

Water Prices on the Rise

Water scarcity is becoming more and more of a problem. The growing global population, increases in pollution and climate change all have an undeniable effect on the availability and quality of water. And on its price: the costs of water are rising around the world. That makes monitoring and managing your water consumption and implementing a clear water strategy not only a good choice for a sustainable future, but also a financially responsible one.

Reducing Your Water & Carbon Footprint

Working on water efficiency is both about reducing unnecessary waste of water and making water consumption more sustainable by focusing on responsible solutions for the use and supply of water. Smartvatten helps you with monitoring, measuring, and analyzing consumption, leak detection, implementing water-saving measures, and optimizing your system and installations, enabling you to significantly reduce your water footprint and water bill.

And it’s not just your water bill. Transporting, treating, and heating water all cost energy. In an average residential building, reducing your water consumption by 20% automatically leads to a 5% reduction in energy use and CO2 emissions. That’s why at Smartvatten, our regular reports not only give you insight into your water consumption, but also into the corresponding CO2 emissions – providing you with a full picture of your consumption and the effect of your efforts to improve.

First Annual Water Report

In order to become water efficient, we need accurate information and insight into our consumption. Through monitoring, measuring, and analyzing the water consumption of leading companies in more than 10.000 properties in 22 countries, Smartvatten now has the largest European collection of water data measured in real-time at professionally managed companies.

With this veritable treasure trove of information, we have put together our first annual water report. In it, we take a closer look at increasing water prices across Europe, go into what average water consumption looks like and what that means for the CO2 emissions of real-estate portfolios, and discuss leak occurrence and prevention in different types of properties.

We hope this document will provide you with valuable insights about water consumption and what you can do to help contribute to a water efficient future. We look forward to hearing your input.

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