Leading credit ratings, benchmarks and analytics provider S&P Global announced today that it has released two new levels of information, encompassing 400 new data points, that inform its company ESG scores. According to S&P Global, the enhanced information aims to provide deeper insights and expanded transparency, enabling markets to better understand companies’ environmental and social impact as well as its governance standards.

The release of the new data points follows this week’s launch by S&P Global of publicly available access to the company’s ESG Scores on 9,200 companies, on a new webpage rolled out by the company, highlighting S&P Global’s full suite ESG solutions.

Sonia Kim, Head of ESG Product Development at S&P Global, said:

“We are excited to offer this deeper level of granularity to our clients. The additional data points will be particularly helpful for the investors who are increasingly seeking to integrate sustainability performance into their investment decisions, as well as for the companies looking to meet the fast evolving regulatory and reporting mandates for ESG disclosures.”

The newly released data points encompass information across companies’ environmental, social and governance performance, including environmental reporting disclosures, biodiversity commitments, direct and indirect CO2 and greenhouse emissions, waste/hazardous disposal, energy consumption, water usage, social disclosures across safety, human rights and codes of ethics, and policies across anti-crime, corruption & bribery, board governance, executive compensation and supply chain management, among others.

Kim added,

“We are committed to bringing more transparency and rigor into the analysis of ESG risks and opportunities, while also serving companies who seek to measure their own performance against industry peers and sustainability goals.”

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