Integrated risk and compliance management software provider NAVEX Global announced today a new licensing agreement with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), enabling the company to integrate SASB standards into its NAVEX ESG solution. NAVEX ESG aims to help organizations manage and automate the complexity of sustainability efforts.

Karen Alonardo, Vice President, ESG Solutions for NAVEX Global, said:

“Healthy and trustworthy data is key for effectively incorporating ESG reporting into business decisions. We are excited to help our customers understand and utilize SASB’s standards in their ESG programs and to advance ESG standards overall.” 

SASB’s mission is to establish and improve industry specific disclosure standards across financially material ESG topics that facilitate communication between companies and investors about decision-useful information.  The standards set by SASB are designed to enable investors to assess the materiality of reported sustainability information, and to compare companies on these metrics on a global basis.

Nicolai Lundy, SASB’s Director of Partnerships & Market Outreach, said:

“We are glad to support NAVEX ESG’s use of SASB. By integrating SASB Standards into its platform, NAVEX Global can offer its clients the powerful lens of the subset of ESG issues most likely to impact financial performance in each industry.”

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