Fashion and design brands company H&M Group announced today the launch of Innovation Stories, a sustainable fashion initiative which will see the company debut multiple collection launches throughout 2021, each celebrating forward-thinking sustainability processes.

The company also announced new sustainability targets, including a new materials goal to use 30% recycled materials by 2025, supported by innovations in the recycling of post-consumer fabric without quality loss. The company said that 64.5% of the materials used by H&M Group were either recycled or sourced in a more sustainable way, with a goal to reach 100% by 2030.

Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Advisor at H&M, said:

“Our new concept continues H&M’s journey towards a sustainable and circular fashion system. Innovation Stories allows us to develop and grow, all while creating desirable and long-lasting pieces that we hope our customers will love and be proud of.”

The first collection launched under H&M’s new initiative is Science Story, highlighting the creators and developers of new sustainable fabrications and materials. The collection introduces new materials such as EVO by Fulgar®, a bio-based yarn derived from castor oil, and Desserto, which is a plant-based alternative to leather, produced from cactus plants.

Ella Soccorsi, Concept Designer at H&M, said:

“Innovation Stories is a platform that pushes our experimentation to the next level. The initiative encourages our work with scientists and developers and puts a spotlight on our progressive ideas. Science Story is a homage to the years of research and experiments behind these incredible materials.”   

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