Fashion and design brands company H&M Group announced today that it has named Maisie Williams as a Global Sustainability Ambassador, partnering with the actor and filmmaker on its sustainable fashion initiatives. H&M stated that the partnership will highlight and encourage the reuse, remaking and recycling of unwanted garments in a united effort to close the loop in fashion.

The new partnership follows the recent announcement by H&M of new sustainability targets, including a goal to use 30% recycled materials by 2025, supported by innovations in the recycling of post-consumer fabric without quality loss, forming part of the company’s commitment to reach 100% recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030.

Williams said:

“I am excited to finally share the news of my partnership with H&M as Global Sustainability Ambassador and cannot wait for you all to see what we have been working on. In this role, I will be working closely with experts within H&M to drive sustainability initiatives and shape the path towards an accessible and circular fashion future. The longterm goal is to use 100 percent recycled or other sustainably sourced materials for textiles across the full H&M Group brands by 2030. It’s time to take action and create more viable production circuits in fashion to protect our planet for the next generation.”

According to H&M, throughout 2021, Williams will embark on several initiatives around circularity, including the upcoming launch of H&M Looop Island in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons, named after H&M’s garment recycling machine Looop, which takes old clothes and recycles them into new ones. Players in the game will be able to recycle their game outfits into new ones in the virtual version of Looop.

The partnership will also launch Avatar Maise, Williams’ digital twin, who will make several appearances throughout the coming year, along with Williams, engaging with H&M customers and inspiring action.

Pascal Brun, Global Sustainability Manager H&M, said:

“Being part of this initiative together with Maisie Williams to drive for change within the fashion industry by encouraging our customers and fans to reuse, remake and recycle unwanted garments, is something we at H&M are very ambitious about. The future of fashion needs to look different, and we want to be a part of this solution.”

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