Global consumer electronics and Internet of Things company Belkin International announced today a series of new SDG-aligned sustainability goals, including a target to achieve carbon neutrality in Scope 2 emissions (indirect emissions including those resulting from the generation of purchased electricity) by 2025.

The new targets come as Belkin completes its 2020 sustainability commitments, with accomplishments including recycling of 22,667 tons of electrical and electronic devices, and 8,988 tons of packaging, offsetting 100% of its U.S. warehouse facility’s power consumption through Rewewable Energy Credits (RECs), and reducing plastic packaging in its cable range by 90%, its wireless charging pads range by 48% and wireless charging stands range by 81%.

The company’s 2025 goals encompass climate action (SDG 13), packaging and e-waste (SDG 12) and human rights (SDG 16). In addition to its Scope 2 goal, Belkin has pledged to work towards carbon neutrality in Scope 1 & 3 emissions. Among other goals, the company aims to reduce 25% single use plastic packaging, and will use 30% recycled content on all plastic packaging where removal of plastic packaging is not viable. Additionally, Belkin will require 100% of suppliers to comply with the company’s Supplier Code of Conduct and to complete a social compliance audit every 2 years. Foxconn, Belkin’s parent company is a founding member of the RBA and has adopted and implemented RBA standards in its internal policies and processes.

The company also announced the establishment of a Sustainability Committee to keep the company accountable to its high-level objectives, with CEO Steve Malony serving as executive sponsor.

Malony said:

“While we take pride in our achievements and sustainability efforts over the past four decades, we’re always looking ahead, setting new goals, and reaching for higher standards. Our organization is made up of people who want to leave the planet a better place for our children and future generations. We remain forever and authentically passionate about renewing our commitment to a circular economy and carbon neutrality and continuing our pledge to support the Paris Agreement.”

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