CRM solutions provider Salesforce announced today the launch of Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Scope 3 Hub, a new platform aiming to help companies of any size and any industry to streamline how they track and measure supply chain carbon emissions.

While companies increasingly commit to reducing their environmental footprints, measuring, assessing and reducing supply chain emissions, where most impact actually occurs, is often the most challenging aspect of their decarbonization efforts.

According to Salesforce, the new solution captures and visualizes Scope 3 emissions, such as purchased goods, business travel and employee commutes, within the Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, the same platform that currently calculates companies’ direct emissions from operations (Scope 1), and those associated with the purchase of electricity, heat, or cooling (Scope 2), providing a single source of truth for emissions data. 

With the new solution, according to Salesforce, the supply chain accounting process, normally a multi-month endeavor, can be done in less than a day.

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Scope 3 Hub comes with a commonly used emission factors dataset from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), while also allowing companies to bring their datasets. Other key functionalities of the new solution include matching spending categories to spend-based emission factors and to scope 3 categories, summarizing spend by type and vendor. Sustainability Cloud can also track historical and real-time ESG data in the same platform, allowing companies to have a 360 view of investor-grade data and support best practices in impact disclosures.

Patrick Flynn, VP of Sustainability, Salesforce, said:

“To rise and meet the climate emergency head on, we need more than pledges. Companies must take action immediately to change the way they do business. We put transformational digital tools in the hands of companies to give them a 360 view of their carbon footprint so they can take meaningful action across their supply chain and reach net zero, faster.”

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