Global investment firm Invesco announced the launch of the Invesco MSCI Green Building ETF (GBLD), aimed at offering investors access to the green building ecosystem, a key focus area for sustainability investment.

Buildings are a significant contributor to the global climate challenge, contributing approximately 15% of global carbon emissions. They are also one of the hardest to sources of emissions to replace, given their long-term nature. Increasing the stock of green buildings that eliminate the impact of buildings through their lifecycle, through development and retrofitting, is fundamental to climate change mitigation policies.  

John Hoffman, Head of Americas, ETFs and Indexed strategies at Invesco, said:

“The Invesco MSCI Green Building ETF will be the first to focus specifically on the entire green building ecosystem, continuing Invesco’s track record as an ETF industry pioneer. GBLD provides access to not just sustainable real estate, but companies involved in every stage of construction, redevelopment, and retrofitting green-certified properties. GBLD is a great addition to our thematic environmental ETF suite, offering investors a new way to align their investments with their personal values.”

The new ETF aims to track the MSCI Global Green Building Index, which includes companies involved in the design, construction, redevelopment, retrofitting or third-party certification of green-certified properties to effect climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Christine Berg, Managing Director and Head of Americas Index Coverage at MSCI, said:

“We are excited that Invesco has chosen the MSCI Global Green Building Index to expand its thematic ESG suite. Buildings and related construction globally have contributed 38% of carbon emissions in 20193. Green buildings are intrinsic to climate change mitigation due to their lower energy consumption4. The MSCI Global Green Building Index comprises of leaders that have higher energy efficiency, healthier indoor environmental quality, and environmentally friendlier construction materials. The MSCI Global Green Building Index is comprised of companies whose offerings conserve natural resources, are made with recycled waste, avoid toxic emissions, save water and energy or contribute to a safe, healthy built environment.”

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