Paris-based alternative asset manager Tikehau Capital announced plans to launch a North American private equity fund dedicated to the transition to a low-carbon economy. The fund has already received a $300 million from Tikehau and French energy company Total, and the fund expects to raise capital from institutional investors seeking to actively invest in decarbonizing the economy.

According to Tikehau, the new fund aims to accelerate the paradigm shift towards a low-carbon economy and help achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement by financing profitable companies engaged in the fast-growing energy transition sector in North America. The fund will invest in leading companies addressing the energy transition by developing solutions to reduce energy consumption, increase the supply of renewable energy, develop low-carbon mobility and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Tikehau’s North American decarbonization fund follows the recent launch in February 2021 of its Europe-focused T2 Energy Transition fund, which raised over €1 billion. T2 has already invested in six European SMEs operating in the sectors of clean energy production, low-carbon mobility and energy efficiency.

Mathieu Chabran, co-founder of Tikehau Capital, said:

 “At Tikehau Capital, we believe that investors have a responsibility to contribute directly to global efforts to achieve carbon neutrality goals. With the success of our T2 Energy Transition fund, our impact debt fund or our recent issuance of sustainable bonds worth 500 million euros, we have established ourselves as one of the leaders in the field of energy impact and transition. Today, we are pleased to further expand our offering with the upcoming launch of this decarbonization fund for North America, which will help further accelerate investment to achieve carbon neutrality as the United States re-commits to the Paris Climate Agreement.”

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