Southern Company electric subsidiary Georgia Power announced today a new commitment to invest $75 million over five years in initiatives aimed at advancing racial equity and social justice efforts in Georgia. According to the company, today’s announcement forms part of Southern Company’s $200 million, 5-year community investment commitment.

 Georgia Power identified three key areas of focus for the investments, encompassing education equity, criminal justice organizations and economic empowerment. Education equity initiatives include direct community investments, scholarships for underrepresented groups and investment in Historically Black Colleges and Universities, as well as a commitment to provide 250 employee mentors within the communities served by the company. Under criminal justice, the company aims to work to help lower criminalization rates, support transition and re-entry into society, create pre-arrest diversion options and reduce racial profiling. Economic empowerment grants and impact investments will invest in communities to build social and economic opportunity for Black-owned businesses and individuals and to create a just transition on the path to a net-zero carbon future.

In addition to the financial investments in these areas, Georgia Power stated that it is working to build a team of 250 employees statewide that are engaged in mentoring annually.

Chris Womack, President of Georgia Power, said:

“At Georgia Power, we’re standing with our communities as, together, we tackle systemic equity issues across our state. This financial investment and our commitment to mentoring, while just a part of our overall equity efforts, are so incredibly critical because they’re one way we can make a real impact in distressed and disadvantaged communities. Through them we can support and partner with organizations that assist with education equity, criminal justice and economic empowerment, as well as build personal relationships with kids now that can help shape Georgia’s future leaders.”

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