Cloud and digital workplace company Atos announced the launch of A to Zero, a new offering encompassing comprehensive, end-to-end decarbonization capabilities aimed at helping customers accelerate their journeys to net zero.

The A to Zero portfolio incorporates business advisory services, digital green advisory and platforms, as well as nature-based solutions for carbon compensation and neutralization. Advisory services include carbon emission and digital carbon footprint measurement, as well as strategy and target setting, by defining Science-based targets, implementing TCFD recommendations, and defining action plans to mitigate climate risks.

Digital green advisory and platforms include the Atos Digital Decarbonization Platform, a comprehensive offering that allows enterprises and organizations to leverage digital to simplify and automate the collection, calculation, reporting, data analysis and visualization of emissions across the value chain.. The offering also includes sustainable digital solutions encompassing cloud, digital workplace, smart building, IoT, HPC mobility and supply-chain solutions, Decarbonization Level Agreements (DLAs), and energy efficiency measures, renewable energy, emission reduction action plans and carbon pricing tools. Atos also announced that it is working to develop and advance a carbon neutral computing continuum by the end of the year, from edge technologies to datacenters and supercomputers.

Nature based solutions includes the selection of the best carbon offset projects worldwide. Atos also offers tracking of emission reductions with Going4Zero, a digital one-stop shop providing automated and personalized online services.

Atos’ offering will be driven through and supported by the global Net Zero Transformation Center of Excellence, which will be distributed across 9 hubs in Europe, North America, and Asia. According to Atos, the Center will allow customers to leverage Atos’ global skills, resources and network of more than 200 experts to create their own path towards becoming a net-zero, resilient business, with plans to grow its net-zero transformation team to 500 experts by the end of 2022.

Elie Girard, Atos CEO, said:

“Not a day passes without a new organization announcing its net-zero ambitions, proving that the global drive to a carbon neutral economy has hit an inflection point. Atos was among the pioneers to advocate businesses to tackle climate change, setting among the highest decarbonization standards for its industry with our ‘net-zero 2028’ ambition. Our new A to Zero offering benefits from our strong commitment and decades-long work of reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions and designing innovative, low-impact solutions. We are glad to improve and expand our decarbonization capabilities to better support our customers’ own journeys to net zero.”

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