Energy technology company Baker Hughes and industrial gases company Air Products announced today a strategic global collaboration aimed at developing next generation hydrogen compression to lower the cost of production and accelerate the adoption of hydrogen as a zero-carbon fuel. Baker Hughes is a leading provider of advanced hydrogen compression and gas turbine technology, and Air Products  is the world’s largest hydrogen producer

Hydrogen is viewed as one of the key building blocks of the transition to a cleaner energy future, given its ability to act both as a clean energy carrier and fuel, as well as a CO2-neutral feedstock for the production of green chemicals. Despite being the most abundant element in the universe, however, there are no pure hydrogen deposits on earth, and it must be extracted from other materials. The extraction process often creates pollutants and GHG emissions. Significant investments are required to develop clean extraction processes, such as green hydrogen, which uses a renewable energy-powered electrolysis process to extract hydrogen from water, or blue hydrogen, which converts natural gas into hydrogen and CO₂, which is then captured and permanently stored.

Under the new collaboration, Baker Hughes will provide advanced hydrogen compression and gas turbine technology for Air Products’ net-zero hydrogen energy complex in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and advanced compression technology for the NEOM carbon-free hydrogen project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Samir J. Serhan, chief operation officer, Air Products, said:

“Air Products chose Baker Hughes for its leading-edge compression and gas turbine offerings and robust hydrogen experience. This advanced technology is another key step toward achieving economically viable blue and green hydrogen and net-zero targets.”

Rod Christie, executive vice president, Turbomachinery & Process Solutions at Baker Hughes

“Our transformative hydrogen compression and gas turbine technology lowers the overall production cost for new energy frontiers such as hydrogen and is a strategic enabler for key projects. Our proven technology is helping to accelerate the hydrogen economy, and our collaboration with Air Products will be critical for a net-zero future.”

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