Instinctif Partners, an international business communications consultancy specializing in reputation, influence, and communication, announced today the launch of ESGOptic, a new digital tool designed to help businesses measure how they are performing compared to the ESG requirements expected from stakeholders, regulators, investors, and customers.

Ed Amory, Chief Execute of Instinctif Partners, commented on the announcement:

 “Every business leader now knows that they operate in a world in which they must demonstrate societal purpose beyond profit, that the days of navigating their companies on financial metrics alone are at an end. They are under increasing pressure from consumers, regulators, employees, and investors to demonstrate their performance against wider ESG metrics, but it can be hard to know where to start. Many businesses are already making huge societal contributions but are unaware of how to demonstrate this to external stakeholders. Others face more complex challenges but need to decide where to start their journey to a more sustainable, purposeful future. That’s why we have developed this free service for self-assessment, to help all businesses, whether or not they are currently working with us, undertake a basic benchmarking exercise. We hope it will be helpful, and our team of experts are ready to help businesses and their leaders to act on the results.”

The free tool allows companies to identify long-term opportunities for growth more efficiently than relying solely on financial data. ESGOptic can be used as a stand-alone diagnostic tool or as a part of a more detailed assessment.

ESGOptic uses an online questionnaire system to evaluate the implementation of ESG in several areas including sustainability and business objectives, leadership and accountability, risk and opportunities management, stakeholder engagement and collaboration, sustainability governance and management, reporting, transparency, and communication of ESG.

Victoria Cross, Managing Partner and Head of Instinctif’s Reinventing Responsibility service, added:

“The last year has brought to the surface many ESG challenges, most of which were dormant before the pandemic. While reacting to a crisis does present an opportunity to jumpstart discussions of ESG issues internally, a crisis response, no matter how efficient it is, cannot address the root of the problem.  As the pressure to demonstrate ESG integration increases, companies need to make use of the tools available to them to ensure an honest appraisal of the internal ESG processes, systems and controls. ESGOptic aims to do just that.”

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