Seneca ESG, a sustainability-focused business intelligence software company, announced a new partnership with OWL Analytics, a data provider offering ESG metrics on global equities. The partnership aims to enable companies to integrate ESG analytics into their businesses, by providing access to OWL’s ESG offerings through Seneca’s workflow automation platform.

Seneca ESG specializes in building software solutions for both investment management firms and corporates, enabling them to integrate ESG data and analytics. OWL Analytics aggregates hundreds of sources of ESG data from the world’s leading ESG research organizations.

Under the new partnership, users will be able to use Seneca’s ZENO platform to assess portfolios with customized ESG frameworks with access to data from OWL Analytics about ESG offerings, and monthly ESG Consensus Scores that could be used for stock ESG analysis and screenings. Users can also design unlimited portfolios based on different screening criteria across 25,000 public companies worldwide.

Jonathan Ha, CEO at Seneca ESG, said:

“We are delighted to work together with OWL Analytics to make ESG data more readily accessible to investment firms via the robust ZENO platform”, said Jonathan Ha, CEO at Seneca ESG. “The strategic partnerships of both pioneers in the ESG market will benefit users by focusing on the true value of underlying ESG data, ultimately to make better-informed investment decisions.”

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