European credit rating and financial analysis agency Scope Group announced today the launch of a new ESG scoring tool, aiming to enable portfolio managers to assess the sustainability impact of any company in the world for which they have basic financial data.

The new scoring tool is based on the impact analysis model underlying Scope’s ESG Impact Review, which incorporates the impacts of companies’ global supply chains, and supplementary services addressing issuers’ alignment with the EU Taxonomy, the ‘Do No Significant Harm’ requirements, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the 2015 Paris Accord.

With the new tool, investors can apply ESG analysis to a much broader investment universe, including any company for which they know the geographic location of activities and sectoral breakdown of revenues.

Diane Menville, head of ESG at Scope, said:

“Many investment portfolios include small and medium-sized enterprises and private companies whose public reporting of ESG-related data may be even harder to come by than their minimal financial disclosure.

“The Scoring Tool allows portfolio managers to extract indicative scores of these companies’ ESG impacts, providing vital intelligence on the sustainability of their investments and longer-term risks the companies themselves face,” says Menville. “In addition, the tool allows investors and asset managers to simulate the sustainability impact of future mergers, acquisitions or industrial restructuring.”

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