Sustainable food systems-focused venture fund S2G Ventures announced its first five investments in its blue economy-focused Oceans and Seafood Fund.

S2G Ventures is a multi-stage venture fund investing across the food, agriculture, oceans and seafood markets, with a mission to catalyze innovation to meet consumer demands for healthy and sustainable food systems. S2G launched the Oceans and Seafood fund in August 2020, aiming to invest in early, venture, and growth stage companies globally across thematic areas including seafood and alternative protein sources, aquaculture and supply chain innovation, traceability/transparency, algae/seaweed, and ecosystem services.

S2G stated that the fund’s initial investments align with its commitment to support leading entrepreneurs in the blue economy who are building scalable solutions for a more sustainable and resilient ecosystem. According to the World Bank, the Blue Economy is defined as the “sustainable use of ocean resources for improved livelihoods and jobs, and ocean ecosystem health.” Blue economy-related activities encompass a wide variety of areas, including renewable energy, fisheries, maritime transport, tourism, and waste management.

 Kate Danaher, Managing Director at S2G Ventures, said:

“The entrepreneurs that we have invested behind are doing incredible work in making our oceans and water ecosystems more resilient and sustainable. Sustainably managed and healthy ecosystems are a pillar of global environmental recovery, a driver of economic growth, and a foundation for food security and human health.”

S2G’s Ocean and Seafood Fund has taken active board seats with three out of five companies. The Fund takes consumer-focused data-driven systems investing approach and looks for investments that will create marine ecosystem resilience, de-risk the ocean supply chain, and maximize the value of natural resources, and support animal and human health. 

S2G invested in five of the following companies: ReelData, a Canadian software solutions company that develops products such as AI feeding systems, biomass estimation, and health analytics. Israel-based ViAqua Therapeutics delivers RNA and protein to improve resistance against diseases. Molear, US-based company that delivers a patented technology for improvements in chemical-free water treatment, sustainable food production, and the recovery of natural resources. Ocean Surveillance Company, developing technology to track dark vessels which will provide data to combat illegal maritime activities and improve the efficiency and safety of shipping worldwide. Fishmeal and Oil Technology Company, US-Basedcompany producing zero-waste fishmeal and oil production technology that converts low-value resources into high-end products in a sustainable way.

Larsen Mettler, S2G Ventures Managing Director, said:

“We are at an inflection point where it’s possible to harness technological innovations and reimagine the industry in a way that is beneficial for the planet, consumers, investors, and the economy. We see huge potential in this sector and look forward to long-term collaboration with entrepreneurs, strategic partners, and other investors who are excited about this market opportunity.”

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