ABN AMRO announced today the launch of the Sustainable Impact Fund (SIF), aiming to generate returns through investment in early-stage as well as established companies to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable and inclusive society. The fund will focus on the Netherlands and Northwestern Europe and it has an investment policy that will combine social and financial returns.

ABN AMRO stated that the new fund make private equity investments of €4 to €30 million in the key sustainability themes of circular economy, energy transition, and social impact. Target companies have to fulfill criteria of having a proven business model and be ready for the acceleration of their growth. The fund is also aiming at making venture capital investments ranging from €500,000 to €4 million in companies with a proven concept.

Rutger van Nouhuijs of ABN AMRO’s Executive Committee, said:

“Our bank finances countless sustainable initiatives, in the form of loans and credit. However, in some situations, companies need equity investments. Our new fund can offer this as a solution. Companies that link sustainable returns to a strong business plan can apply to ABN AMRO SIF.”

The new fund made its first two venture capital investments last month. New portfolio companies include Dutch “smart glasses” company Envision and Foodlogica, a company that transports refrigerated food with a sustainable fleet free of greenhouse gas emissions. Fiberline Composites A/S, a Danish company developing a technology to increase the size of rotor blades for wind turbines, was the first recipient of private equity funding by the Energy Transition Fund, part of ABN AMRO.

van Nouhujis added:

“What we want is to provide a solid financial basis for companies with potential that will help to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society.”

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