Moody’s ESG Solutions announced today the launch of ESG Score Predictor, a new tool aimed at enabling real time ESG assessments for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and monitoring risk across global supply chains.

While ESG scoring and risk assessment tools have proliferated over the past few years, as companies, investors, regulators and other stakeholders have become increasingly interested in managing sustainability risks and opportunities, Moody’s new solution aims to address a critical area of the market where such information is often lacking.

ESG Score Predictor provides more than 50 predicted metrics including granular ESG scores, energy transition scores, a physical risk management score, and carbon emissions footprints. The scores are generated by applying regressions and machine learning models to datasets containing more than 100,000 firms, and utilizing Moody’s proprietary ESG scoring methodology. The model can provide predicted scores for any company using location, sector, and size.

Andrea Blackman, Global Head of Moody’s ESG Solutions, said:

“SMEs are the backbone of every economy; they drive innovation and power global supply chains. Alongside portfolio analysis and analyst-driven SME assessments, the ESG Score Predictor adds a unique, integral component to our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions to help investors and companies leave no stone unturned when identifying and analyzing ESG risks and opportunities.”

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