RIMES, a provider of managed data services and regtech solutions to asset managers, owners, servicers and banks, announced today the launch of an ESG data management solution, aimed at helping asset managers quickly access high-quality data to evaluate the sustainable credentials of any asset for enterprise-wide use.

According to RIMES, the new solution aims to enable asset managers to identify truly sustainable assets despite challenges of inconsistent ESG data caused by a lack of global sustainability reporting and disclosure standards.

The new fully managed, end-to-end cloud-based service solution, powered by RIMES’ Managed Data Services, includes a vendor agnostic library of ESG sources, extensive cross-referencing and harmonisation across sources, and mapping from issuer to issue, along with a suite of desktop and analytical tools.

Elisabeth Seep, ESG Project Manager, RIMES said:

“RIMES’ ESG solution was developed to remove the burden of ESG data management from asset management firms who are challenged with identifying sustainable assets and actionable ESG data effectively. ESG integration is no longer a nice-to-have.  Any firm serious about long-term success needs to be addressing ESG now and ensuring that they have in place robust data management and reporting capabilities required to provide clients and regulators transparency within portfolios and products regarding E, S, G and climate factors.”

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