HVAC and climate control solutions company Trane Technologies announced today that its transport temperature control solutions brand Thermo King will invest more than $100 million to deliver a fully electric product in every segment of the cold chain by 2023.

Trane stated that the all-electric portfolio will include electric refrigeration solutions for truck, trailer, rail, air, and marine transport in the in the North America, Latin America, and EMEA regions. The products will be included in Thermo King’s “evolve” all-electric portfolio, with electric solutions expected to be available in every cold chain segment in EMEA by 2023, and in the Americas by 2025.

Paul Camuti, Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer for Trane Technologies said:

“Bold solutions for a more sustainable world are core to our strategy. We continue to innovate to help reduce the carbon footprint of customer operations. The evolve portfolio builds on our ongoing efforts to help customers reduce environmental impact and meet their sustainability goals as they transition fleets and stay ahead of future regulation.”

According to the company, the initiative is in line with its clients’ goals of transitioning to sustainable fleet solutions and builds upon Trane’s “Gigaton Challenge” commitment to reduce customer greenhouse gas emissions by 1 billion metric tons by 2030.

Karin De Bondt, president for Thermo King Americas, said:

“Our expertise in electrification has positioned Thermo King as a trusted partner to respected industry leaders such as Isuzu, Tesco, Mercedes-Benz and technology companies such as ELMS, Gatik, and BPW who continue to find new ways to innovate the cold chain. Through these strategic partnerships, we are able to further our advancements of sustainable power solutions and electrified product offerings that meet customer, regulatory and environmental requirements in our industry and our world.”

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