Utility management company Conservice announced today the acquisition of commercial real estate and fund management-focused ESG platform Goby. According to Conservice, the acquisition will enable the company to help clients reduce environmental impact, achieve sustainability goals, and increase return on investment.

Goby’s ESG data management and reporting platform enables real estate owners and managers to evaluate each element of their ESG impact and provides transparency through a full spectrum of corporate social responsibility reporting capabilities.

Goby CEO Ryan Nelson said:

“We’re thrilled to join the Conservice family and propel our joint mission of ESG excellence through their expansive client base. The criticality of ESG has intensified with investor and stakeholder demands increasing in the past 18 months. Goby’s platform identifies opportunities, measures environmental impact, and drives operational expense reduction. We are proud to make ESG approachable.”

Conservice’s partners with real estate owners and managers to reduce operating costs and conserve resources through its software-enabled utility management platform.

According to Conservice CEO Scott Hardy, the acquisition will enable Conservice to provide a comprehensive ESG solution, encompassing data capture, analysis and disclosure.

Hardy added:

“Our new Sustainability Solutions offering will empower clients to create effective strategies and plans, measure outcomes, and report progress to stakeholders. I am thrilled to share this announcement with our current and prospective clients. The synergy of both solutions is a powerful combination the market has been waiting for.”

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