Toronto-based investment management firm Mackenzie Investments announced the launch of Mackenzie Betterworld, an investment boutique focused exclusively on investment solutions centered on sustainable objectives and that incorporate ESG factors, for Canadian investors and advisors.

Mackenzie Betterworld will be led by Portfolio Manager Andrew Simpson, who joined Mackenzie in April, after more than 10 years at Vancity Investment Management, where he focused on managing sustainable investing funds.

Betterworld will follow an investment process that leads with ESG analysis, and then conducts financial analysis, and places an emphasis on core equity with purpose, constructing diversified, large-cap equity portfolios focused on long-term value. The boutique’s team will utilize independent ESG research using a proprietary process, aiming to identify companies with growth potential that are aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Simpson said:

“Our team uses a bottom-up approach that assesses a company’s ability to generate positive impact for people and the planet in addition to financial fundamentals. We believe the Funds we’re introducing today are strong options for Canadian advisors and investors who seek to include sustainable solutions in their portfolios without sacrificing returns.”

The firm also announced the launch of the first two funds form the new boutique, including the Mackenzie Betterworld Global Equity Fund and the Mackenzie Betterworld Canadian Equity Fund.

Betterworld will be the Mackenzie’s second ESG-focused boutique, following the firm’s acquisition last year of Canadian environmental investment firm Greenchip Financial Corp.

Fate Saghir, Head of Sustainable Investing, Mackenzie, said:

“Mackenzie is dedicated to building a sustainable and responsible future, one investment at a time. Sustainable investing is truly at the core of our purpose, culture, corporate practices and investment processes. As part of our ongoing commitment to being Canada’s sustainable investing partner of choice, we’re extremely excited to introduce the Mackenzie Betterworld Investment Team.”

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