Global technology company IBM announced today the launch of the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, an AI-driven SaaS solution aimed at enabling companies to predict, monitor and report on environmental and climate-related risks facing their businesses, and manage their own climate initiatives.

The new suite comes as companies are becoming increasingly aware of the physical and reputational risks impacting their businesses, and amidst rising pressure from investors and regulators to assess, manage and disclose those risks, and to report on their plans to mitigate them. Many companies have started setting ambitious goals to lower their climate impact and address the risk, though recent research indicates that initiatives to date are not on track to meet these targets.

Kareem Yusuf, Ph.D., General Manager, IBM AI Applications, said:

“The future of business and the environment are deeply intertwined. Not only are companies coping with the effects of extreme weather disruptions on their operations, they’re also being held increasingly accountable by shareholders and regulators for how their operations impact the planet.”

According to IBM, the new software suite brings together AI, weather data, climate risk analytics, and carbon accounting, allowing companies to more easily collect and curate data, and to focus more on analysis and action. The suite is designed to enable monitoring and alerting for disruptive environmental conditions such as severe weather, wildfires, flooding; predicting the potential impacts of climate change and weather across the business; providing insights into potential operational disruptions and prioritization of mitigation and response efforts, and; measuring and reporting on environmental initiatives and carbon accounting.

Yusuf said:

“IBM is bringing together the power of AI and hybrid cloud to provide businesses with environmental intelligence designed to help them improve environmental performance and reporting, create more efficient business operations to reduce resource consumption, and plan for resiliency in the face of climate disruptions.”

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