Cloud-based ESG software solutions provider Benchmark Digital (formerly Gensuite) announced the launch of ESG Director, a new digital platform aimed at enabling organizations to meet emerging sustainability reporting obligations and to manage and track ESG performance.

The new platform is being launched as companies face growing pressure from regulators, investors and other stakeholders to improve their sustainability profiles and amid increasing demands for ESG-related disclosure. Mandatory ESG disclosure requirements are becoming increasingly common in jurisdictions around the world, and investor surveys consistently find that sustainability reporting is a key focus area for investors.

Benchmark Founder & CEO R Mukund said:

ESG Director arose from a critical need that exists in the marketplace today. Businesses are bombarded with requests for investment-grade ESG data, and they’re feeling intense pressure to demonstrate and sustain meaningful progress. To satisfy these demands, companies must fully embed ESG in their culture and operations. ESG Director facilitates this transformation by unifying people, data and processes across the enterprise.”

According to the company, the new ESG Director platform is designed to serve as a hub of ESG activity and data, providing standardized and automated ESG data management across functional areas, simplifying KPI tracking, goal monitoring, disclosure and stakeholder communication. The platform enables reporting inline with common frameworks such as GRI, TCFD, and SASB, and includes functionality for integrated materiality assessments and tracking and benchmarking by industry sector.

Donavan Hornsby, Corporate Development & Strategy Officer at Benchmark, said:

‘What happens in year 2, in year 3? How are we going to sustain this?’ These are the questions we’re hearing from our customers. This was the impetus for ESG Director. We’re collaborating with them to bridge the gap between reporting of ESG metrics and a truly sustained effort where the organization has operationalized these commitments and is nurturing a culture for ESG.”

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