Leading enterprise application software company SAP announced today the launch of SAP Responsible Design and Production, a new cloud-native software solution aimed at enabling companies to design products sustainably and utilizing circular economy principles, and meet increasing regulatory data requirements concerning product packaging and plastics.

According to SAP, the new solution provides companies with visibility of material flows, helping to design products to be sustainable from inception, allowing design decisions that consider factors such as waste reduction and the cost of the downstream reuse and recycling systems. Functionality will also include the provision of tailored intelligence for businesses to comply with EPR regulations and plastic taxes.

SAP co-developed the new solution with professional services firm Accenture, as part of a partnership launched earlier this year between the two firms to jointly develop sustainability-focused solutions enabling companies to decarbonize their supply chains and embed circular economy principles across their value chains.

Scott Russell, Executive Board Member at SAP and head of Customer Success, said:

“Every year, we use almost twice the amount of resources than the planet can regenerate. Business can play a crucial role in keeping value in our systems for longer through smart, responsible product design that reuses resources rather than disposing of them. There is inherent complexity in designing products that eliminate waste and use responsible materials, but SAP Responsible Design and Production tackles that complexity and offers a ‘gold-standard’ solution to our customers, helping to deliver circular products and achieve a regenerative economy.”

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