Sustainability-focused data solutions company Diginex announced today the launch of diginexCLIMATE, a new tool aiming to enable companies to calculate, track and improve their carbon emissions, and to provide a portfolio view on the emissions footprint of clients, suppliers and assets.

The new tool comes as companies face increasing pressure from investors and regulators to measure, reduce, and report on their GHG emissions. diginexCLIMATE will be integrated into diginexESG, a blockchain-enabled reporting platform launched by the company earlier this year, aimed at helping companies of all sizes and reporting experience make their ESG reporting faster, easier and more affordable.      

Key features of the new product include visualization of companies’ carbon footprints in charts and graphs, enabling identification of hot spots and reduction strategies, and automatic population of results in line with reporting across frameworks including GRI, SASB, and TCFD.

The launch follows the recent completion by Diginex of a $6 million Series A funding round, led by Fitch Ventures, with proceeds aimed at supporting the development of blockchain-enabled SaaS products and to help bring diginexCLIMATE to market.

Mark Blick CEO at Diginex said:

“COP26 has brought the conversation around the environmental impact of GHG emissions into the boardroom. Hard data is needed to back up the promises from companies. Any business needs to recognise its carbon impact across scopes one, two and three in order to create reduction strategies that will make any genuine impact. Our mission is to provide businesses with affordable and easy access so that there are no unnecessary barriers to implementing positive changes.”

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