Plastic packaging products manufacturer and marketer Berry Global announced today a new goal to reach 30% circular plastics use – including recycled and renewable resins – across its consumer goods packaging by 2030, surpassing its previous goal to use 10% post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin by 2025.

Berry stated that ultimately the company envisions decoupling from virgin plastic and the use of fossil fuels.

The new goals aim to give natural resources multiple lives and increase the use of bio-based products made from renewable sources, according to the company. Compared to alternative packaging materials, recycled plastic results in lower energy use as well as reduced waste. Additionally, the use of products made from renewable resources can further reduce the carbon footprint of packaging solutions.

According to Berry, the company plans to meet its 2030 target by leveraging its knowledge and global reach, enabling early access to innovative materials like recycled and renewable resins, aligning its global manufacturing capabilities with evolving recycled content legislation, and collaborating with leading brands to further sustainable packaging progress.

Tom Salmon, Chairman, and CEO of Berry Global said:

“Many of our customers around the world are moving from setting ambitious sustainability goals to taking meaningful action. Giving our natural resources multiple lives is critical to transitioning to a net-zero economy. Nothing is more important to us than helping our customers meet growing sustainability demand trends by accelerating the industry’s move toward a circular economy where reuse, recovery, and recycling are maximized.”

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