The Coca-Cola company announced today a new reusable packaging goal, aiming to have at least 25% of all beverages across its global portfolio of brands sold in refillable or returnable glass or plastic bottles, or in refillable containers through traditional fountain or Coca-Cola freestyle dispensers by 2030.

The company stated that the increased use of reusable packaging promotes a circular economy as refillable containers have high levels of collection and are low-carbon-footprint beverage containers. Additionally, reusable packaging creates value for its consumers and customers and helps the company reduce its carbon footprint.

Ben Jordan, Senior Director, Packaging and Climate of The Coca-Cola Company, said:

“Reusable packaging is among the most effective ways to reduce waste, use fewer resources and lower our carbon footprint in support of a circular economy. We will continue to highlight markets that are leading the way with reusable packaging best practices, and to support other markets as they increase their use of reusable packaging.”

Returnable glass bottles and refillable PET currently represent more than 50% of the company’s product sales in more than 20 markets and more than 25% of sales in another 20 markets. The beverage company stated that its new target will also require significant investment, particularly in markets with limited refillable/returnable infrastructure.

Accelerating the use of reusable packaging will also support the company’s World Without Waste initiative’s goal to collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one that it sells by 2030. The initiative also includes targets to have all of the company’s consumer packaging recyclable by 2025 and to use 50% recycled material in packaging by 2030.

Elaine Bowers Coventry, Chief Customer & Commercial Officer, The Coca-Cola Company, said:

“We continue to put consumers at the center of all we do. One way to do that is by offering sustainable packaging types. Accelerating use of reusable packages provides added value for consumers and customers while supporting our World Without Waste goal to collect a bottle or can for every one we sell by 2030.”

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