Retail giant Target announced today the launch of Target Zero, a new initiative aimed at enabling customers to identify products and packaging that are designed to reduce waste, including those that are refillable, reusable, or compostable, made from recycled content, or made from materials that reduce the use of plastic.

According to Target, the new program is being launched in response to growing customer interest in products that reduce waste, and helps the company advance its sustainability strategy, “Target Forward,” which includes commitments to incorporate circular design in the products the company sells, as well as in the supply chain and in operations.

Amanda Nusz, Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Target, and President of the Target Foundation, said:

“Target Zero unlocks important progress toward our Target Forward ambitions, each of which require collaboration from our partners and action from our guests to be realized. By making it easier for our guests to identify which products are designed to reduce waste, Target Zero helps them make informed decisions about what they purchase and advances a collective impact across our brand partners, our product shelves, and within our homes and communities.”

The new initiative will roll out on hundreds of products across Target’s Beauty, Personal Care and Household Essentials categories, with plans to expand the assortment going forward. Identified products will feature a Target Zero icon, which will be visible on store shelves, as well as online. Target said that it engaged with its brand partners on the initiative, working together to identify products that meet specific requirements to be a part of the program’s first cohort. Some of the initial brands with products identified in the initiative include Burt’s Bees, PLUS, Pacifica, Grove Co., and Target’s owned brand Everspring.

Jill Sando, Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Target, said:

“We can’t wait to introduce our guests to Target Zero because we recognize their growing calls to find products that fit within their lifestyle, designed with sustainability in mind. Our aim with Target Zero is to keep delivering on their needs through our ever-evolving product assortment, as well as to give brands investing in reduced waste products and packaging an opportunity to have those products highlighted by Target.”

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