Global asset manager GAM Investments announced the launch of a new low carbon infrastructure strategy in Australasia. The strategy will invest in private funds providing access to low carbon, energy transition infrastructure projects, with a medium to long-term capital appreciation objective.

The new strategy aims to access the rapidly growing opportunities driven by the rising demand for sustainable infrastructure. According to GAM, the infrastructure investment private fund market is projected to grow to $1.9 trillion inn AUM by 2026 from around  $800 billion in AUM today, as disruptions caused by the COVID pandemic, environmental concerns and support for the net zero target have reinforced the need for more investments in renewables infrastructure.

The new strategy will be managed by GAM’s Alternative Investment Solutions (AIS) team. Giovanni D’Alesio, Head of Research at GAM AIS, said:

 “We are delighted to launch this strategy. We believe it is a great opportunity to help decarbonise the economy by investing in private, low carbon, energy transition infrastructure funds. We have been able to use our expertise to design a bespoke solution meeting client demand in terms of investment strategy, low carbon objectives and operational setup.”

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