Automated electronic broker Interactive Brokers announced today the launch of Carbon Offsets, a new carbon offsetting tool for investors available through the company’s mobile trading app targeting socially conscious investors, IMPACT

The new tool aims to empower investors to reduce individual carbon emissions. Clients of IMPACT can use the new tool to select from either greenhouse gas emitting activities related to household, transportation, and food, or enter a specific amount of carbon to offsets in dollars or tons. As an example, clients planning air travel can use the app to select the flight time in hours and purchase the appropriate offsets.

The company sources and retires the Carbon Credits at the appropriate agencies enabling investors to fully or partially reduce their carbon footprints while achieving broader sustainability targets. Additionally, the tool reports the number of tons of carbon neutralized in the app and on account statements, allowing clients to track their progress toward lowering their carbon footprints.

Will Peterffy, ESG Director at Interactive Brokers, said:

“Sustainability and environmental consciousness are not isolated aspects, they speak to a collective culture. A culture that is aware of the interconnected nature of our global community. As a result, we continue to develop products that are in service to this collective culture. Carbon Offsets makes it easy for our clients to participate in the emerging collective culture dedicated to stewarding our planet while investing in companies that further align with their values through the IMPACT app.”

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