Telecommunications giant Comcast announced today a new renewable energy agreement with clean energy solutions supplier Constellation, which will see the company eliminate 360,000 tons of annual CO2 emissions.

Under the new agreement, Comcast will source 250 MW of carbon-free solar electricity from the 300 MW Blue Sky project, one of the largest solar projects approved to date in the PJM power grid, which spans the US Mid-Region and portions of the Midwest. The renewable energy will power approximately 12% of Comcast’s US operations and the vast majority of its Mid-Atlantic operations.

Peter Kiriacoulacos, Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer at Comcast, said:

“Sourcing clean, renewable energy is the top priority for meeting our goal to be carbon neutral by 2035. This marks the first of many major green investments that are already underway or on the immediate horizon which demonstrate our commitment to sustainable, responsible business.”

Blue Sky is currently under development by Scout Clean Energy in Illinois and it is expected to be commercially operational by December 2024. Comcast is currently its sole customer and has signed a corresponding 15-year agreement with Constellation, starting 2025, to receive energy and renewable energy certificates (RECs) from Blue Sky as part of its retail electric supply contract.

Michael Rucker, Founder, and CEO of Scout Clean Energy, said:

“We are pleased to work with Comcast and Constellation to deliver carbon-free solar energy and invest $400 million into the local community, creating new sustained jobs and tax revenue for local schools. Comcast’s commitment made this possible.”

Purchased electricity accounts for the majority of Comcast’s Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and sourcing renewable energy will help the company meet its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2035 for these emissions across its global operations. The company stated that its renewable energy strategy will focus on securing green tariffs and direct power purchase agreements, among others.

Jim McHugh, Chief Commercial Officer, Constellation, said:

“We commend Comcast on its carbon neutral commitment and are pleased that our offsite renewable solution will serve as a significant steppingstone toward achieving that goal. As our nation transitions to a clean energy future, Constellation is dedicated to offering the products, services and expertise that help our customers strategically manage their energy use and reduce their carbon footprints.”

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