Commercial real estate-focused ESG data management solution provider Measurabl announced today the launch of its ESG Real Estate Data offering, a new solution designed to enable real estate investors and lenders to address disclosure and risk management requirements with investment-grade ESG data.

The launch follows a $50 million capital raise by Measurabl last September, with proceeds from the financing aimed at accelerating the expansion of the company’s platform and supporting the launch of new services to meet rapidly growing global demand for sustainability and decarbonization tools. Real estate accounts for 40% of global carbon emissions and it is one of the world’s most environmentally and socially impactful asset classes.

Matt Ellis, Measurabl’s Founder and CEO, said:

“Until now it was impossible to get investment-grade ESG data at the asset level and at global scale. This breakthrough means the real estate industry and all other industries for which real estate is a critical business consideration have a standard measure of sustainability performance they can actually act upon.”

The solution uses the company’s dataset and proprietary machine learning models to provide energy and carbon estimates on virtually any commercial building in the world. Built on an asset-level database derived from over 12 billion square feet worth in excess of USD $2 trillion across 90 countries, Measurabl’s data provides more than 70 data points on individual assets, including green building certifications, and local ordinances, climate risk data, and energy and carbon estimates.

Ellis founded Measurabl in 2013, aiming to make the company a first-mover in ESG software for real estate. Its data management solutions enable site-level data collection across factors including electricity, water, fuel, district, and waste, helping real estate tenants, owners, and investors optimize ESG performance and meet reporting requirements.

Sara Anzinger, Measurabl’s Senior Vice President, ESG Capital Markets, said:

“The company- or entity-level has dominated the realm of ESG data to date. Property-level data not only better aligns with CRE finance, but also delivers more granular ESG insights to equity investors, moving the market toward the site of impact.”

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