Leading European asset manager Amundi announced today it has transitioned two of its core equity ETFs into equivalent ESG exposures. The transitioned exposures will be classified under Article 8 of SFDR.

The affected funds include the Amundi CAC 40 UCITS ETF DR, which became the Amundi CAC 40 ESG UCITS ETF DR, and the Amundi Stoxx Europe 600 UCITS ETF, which became the Amundi Stoxx Europe 600 ESG UCITS ETF DR. 

CAC 40 ESG tracks the CAC 40 ESG index, which provides exposure to the 40 leading stocks on the French market demonstrating strong ESG practices taken from the CAC Large 60 index, through negative screening and a best-in-class selection approach. The ETF has a reduced weighted carbon footprint, as well as an improved “green-to-brown” ratio.

Stoxx Europe 600 ESG tracks the STOXX Europe 600 ESG Broad market index, offering exposure to developed European countries’ stocks by selecting 80% of the stocks with the highest ESG score taken from the STOXX Europe 600 index, and excluding businesses involved in controversial business practices.

Arnaud Llinas, Head of ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta at Amundi, said:

 “Investors are increasingly looking for more options in order to reorient their portfolio towards responsible investments. These changes in our product range reflect our commitment to accelerating the ESG transition.”

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