Commercial real estate-focused ESG data management solution provider Measurabl announced today the acquisition of decarbonization-focused smart building platform provider Hatch Data.

The launch follows a $50 million capital raise by Measurabl last September, with proceeds from the financing aimed at accelerating the expansion of the company’s platform and supporting the launch of new services to meet rapidly growing global demand for sustainability and decarbonization tools. Measurabl recently also launched its ESG Real Estate Data offering, a designed to enable real estate investors and lenders to address disclosure and risk management requirements with investment-grade ESG data.

Matt Ellis, Founder and CEO of Measurabl, said:

“Our product vision is to deliver a comprehensive, meter-to-market ESG technology solution that allows every real estate stakeholder to measure, manage, and act upon ESG. Hatch Data completes our product vision by extending our platform to include real-time, building-level insights, project recommendations, and tools that directly help customers improve ESG performance and meet carbon and compliance targets.”

Hatch Data monitors more than 20,000 building systems representing over 550 million square feet of space. The company’s platform enables real estate teams to report, manage, and improve building performance, providing access to granular, real-time data from sources including IoT sensors, meters, and building systems, and tools designed to empower customers to drive asset performance across their portfolios.

Zach Robin, Hatch Data’s Co-Founder and CEO, said:

“Measurabl has earned the trust of the real estate industry as evidenced by its unparalleled global scale and impressive customer base. We’ve known the Measurabl team for a long time and deployed our solution side-by-side for years. We believe Hatch Data’s focus on data-driven performance improvement is a natural extension of their mission. Our teams’ combined depth of expertise in real estate and expanded suite of solutions will be a true force for clients on the path to decarbonization.”

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