Waste management and environmental services provider WM announced today plans to invest $825 million over the next four years, aimed at significantly growing its renewable energy footprint with a 6x increase in renewable natural gas (RNG) production.

WM provides collection, recycling and disposal services to customers across the U.S. and Canada. The company is the leader in beneficial reuse of landfill gas, creating five times more renewable electricity from its landfills than is used in its operations. The company operates the most landfill gas-to-electricity plants in North America, along with a growing network of renewable natural gas plants.

With its new investment plans, WM aims to expand its RNG network with 17 new projects across North America by 2026. The increased RNG production from the new investments is expected to result in the displacement of about 1.3 million metric tons of CO2 GHG emissions by 2026, and will help the company fuel its entire natural gas fleet with RNG by 2026.

The company expects RNG plants in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Springdale, Arkansas to come online this year.

Tara Hemmer, Chief Sustainability officer, WM, said:

“As an end-to-end vertically integrated environmental services provider, WM is uniquely positioned to expand our RNG footprint within our business. Renewable energy from WM landfill sites is an excellent source of alternative energy that beneficially uses existing landfill gas for communities. In addition, it provides an opportunity to close the loop with WM’s natural gas fleet, which is the largest fleet of its kind in North America.” 

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