The London Stock Exchange (LSE) and fintech company TreasurySpring announced the launch of a new partnership aimed at providing the exchange’s issuers with access to ESG-aligned short-term debt funding.

TreasurySpring is a London-based fintech, focused on offering institutional borrowers access to a universe of short-term financiers and investors through a digital platform. TreasurySpring provides its investor clients with Fixed Term Funds, or FTFs, financial products that offer exposure to debt from a single investment grade issuer, for a fixed term.

Kevin Cook, CEO and Co-founder, TreasurySpring, said:

“We are thrilled to be entering into this exciting partnership with the London Stock Exchange. Our collaboration is built on a shared passion for finding a better way to deliver greater access, transparency and liquidity to markets in general and to short-term funding markets in particular, underscored by a strong commitment to the growth of sustainable finance.”

Under the new partnership, issuers on the London Stock Exchange’s Issuer Services platform will have access to the TreasurySpring platform, lining up the issuers with TreasurySpring’s investor clients and facilitating short-term funding. The London Stock Exchange will provide an accreditation, highlighting sustainable issuers, using the London Stock Exchange Group’s (LSEG) ESG data and methodology, identifying ESG-aligned issuers, or those involved in advancing a green and sustainable economy.

In order to meet be considered a sustainable issuer for the program, issuers must either rank in the top third of their peer group using Refinitiv ESG scoring, qualify for the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark indicating that at least 50% of revenues are derived from green products, or have displayed securities on the sustainable bond market with a published sustainable finance framework aligned with ICMA Green Bond, Social Bond and Sustainability-Linked bond principles.

Darko Hajdukovic, Head of Platforms and Product, Primary Markets, London Stock Exchange, said:

“The London Stock Exchange is committed to supporting the expansion of sustainable finance through its equity and fixed income markets, and we look forward to extending this to the short-term debt markets through our Issuer Services platform.”

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