Brazil-based aviation and aerospace company Embraer announced today a new purchase agreement that will enable the company to source 100% renewable electricity in Brazil by 2024, a year ahead of its 2025 target.

Embraer’s Brazil operations account for around two-thirds of the company’s 170,000 MWh of global electricity consumption. Through the acquisition of the renewable energy certificates (RECs) Embraer stated that it will achieve zero Scope 2 emissions in the country, with all electricity purchased from solar and wind sources.

The 2025 goal was unveiled by the company last year, as part of a series of ESG targets and initiatives, which also included commitments to reach carbon neutrality by 2040 and to use 100% renewable energy for global operations by 2030, as well as increased adoption of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and the development of low-carbon technologies and products, such as electric, hybrid, SAF, and hydrogen propulsion.

Carlos Alberto Griner, Embraer’s Vice President of People, ESG, and Communications said:

“This is a milestone for the company and reinforces Embraer’s commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices in its transition to a low-carbon business model. ESG is one of the pillars of our strategic plan and we have a broad program with several fronts, and we are looking at every opportunity to accelerate the reduction of our carbon emissions.”

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