Google Cloud and power company Engie announced today the launch of a new partnership aimed at optimizing the value of Engie’s wind portfolio and accelerating wind energy development through the development of a new artificial intelligence-based (AI) solution.

The new solution aims to address some of the key challenges for wind power developers and operators, driven by the complexity of the short-term power markets and the unpredictable nature of wind production. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms applied to vast amounts of data from disparate sources, the solution will predict how much wind power should be sold on which power market and at what price.

The companies highlighted the potential far-reaching impact of the new project, with hundreds of gigawatts of wind farms around the world potentially benefiting from improved AI-based forecasting.

Larry Cochrane, Director, Global Energy Solutions at Google Cloud, said:

“At Google Cloud, we believe that more accurate data and predictions of wind power production will be valuable to electricity grids, creating benefits for consumers and making wind more competitive with fossil fuels. We are delighted to work with ENGIE on this project, which can accelerate Europe’s clean energy transition, while laying the groundwork for wind farms around the world  to benefit from improved forecasting via Artificial Intelligence.”

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