Investment services provider Partners Capital announced today the closing of its inaugural private equity environmental impact fund, Partners Capital 15 degrees Fund, LP, raising $143 million in client commitments

The fund will invest in private equity opportunities focusing on technological innovations and businesses which are most critical to the global energy transition to net zero carbon emissions.

John Beil, Head of Private Equity and Real Estate, leading the 15 degrees investment portfolio said:

“The energy transition will provide many high-impact, high-returning opportunities, but is critically dependent upon many scientific, technological, regulatory, geopolitical and consumer behaviour developments which are highly complex and largely unknown today as we describe in detail in our recently published Partners Capital Global Energy Transition Investment Framework.”

The private equity investment partnership will invest through specialist fund managers and direct co-investments in a set of environmental sustainability sectors and themes, such as renewable energy generation and storage, transportation and mobility, industrial processes and management, food and agriculture, smart buildings, and water, waste, plastic, and recycling.

Suzanne Streeter, Partners Capital’s Co-Chief Investment Officer, said:

“Partners Capital will leverage its 20-year history of private equity investments, deep and experienced team and strong network to invest 15 degrees across venture capital, growth and buyout opportunities with exposure to hard-to-access specialist managers and newer emerging managers who are well-positioned to understand this complex landscape. It is a very short list of private equity firms who bring years of successful green energy investment experience to the opportunity set that lies ahead.”

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