Financial information services provider Fitch Group announced today the launch of its new,  updated global diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy, including goals to increase the number of women in its global workforce, and ethnic minority representation in the US and UK.

According to Fitch, the new strategy, included in its “DEI Transparency Report,” aims to strengthen employee accountability on DEI, and reinforce the company’s commitment to gender equity and expanded opportunities for underrepresented talent.

In the report, Andy Jackson, Fitch Group Chief Human Resources Officer, said:

“Our success depends on cultivating an inclusive work environment that looks forward – actively embracing different perspectives, cultures and diversity of thought.”

The report outlines the key priority objectives of Fitch’s DEI strategy, including increasing hiring, engagement, retention, and development of underrepresented talent, strengthening the company’s culture to be equitable and inclusive, providing industry leadership through products, research, and analytics, helping democratize access to education and learning opportunities to increase skills and employability for underrepresented groups, and increasing the use of products and services provided by diverse-owned businesses.

The DEI report also includes 2030 targets for the company, including a goal to increase the proportion of women at Executive and Managing Director level to 35%, from 26% today, and to reach 35% representation of ethnic minorities at Executive and Managing Director level from the current level of 15%.

 Paul Taylor, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fitch Group, said:

“We are very pleased to launch our updated DEI strategy which builds on the existing culture at Fitch. Everyone in the company has an important role to play in taking our DEI efforts forward. This strategy will serve as a comprehensive roadmap for fostering a stronger, more inclusive culture where all people at Fitch are able to reach their full potential.”

Click here to read Fitch Group’s DEI Transparency Report.

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