Enterprise AI software platform provider o9 announced today the launch of a suite of sustainability solutions, aimed at helping organizations to track, measure, manage and improve the environmental and social impact performance of their global supply chains.

The new suite of solutions comes as corporate sustainability efforts increasingly turn to focus on companies’ supply chains, which often represent their primary source of impact and ESG risk. In many sectors, for example, value chain emissions outside of companies’ direct control, or “Scope 3” emissions, typically account for the vast majority of their climate footprint, and materials are often sourced from countries with high risk of exposure to labor and human rights violations.

According to Stanton Thomas, o9’s Senior Vice President of Sustainability, the suite addresses organizations’ needs to widen the focus of their ESG initiatives into the supply chain, as “sustainability initiatives are currently managed outside of core enterprise and supply chain planning systems.”

Thomas added:

“With our new sustainability solutions embedded in the o9 platform, we are uniquely positioned to combine our powerful value chain modeling technology with a complete data management capability for acquiring, validating, cleansing and harmonizing ESG data from diverse structured and unstructured sources.”

 Embedded in o9’s integrated business planning platform, the suite includes a broad set of capabilities ranging from product and enterprise environmental footprint measurement, scenario planning to guide sustainable supply chain transformation, and ESG data management, to net zero progress tracking, ESG risk detection and sustainable direct materials procurement, evaluation of sustainable capex opportunities, and circular operational planning.

Igor Rikalo, President and COO, o9 Solutions, said:

“Technology is needed to support supply chain leaders in their efforts to set sustainability goals not only to protect brand reputation, but also to reduce their vulnerability to future supply chain disruptions related to climate change, taxes levied on carbon emissions and other ESG regulatory implications. At o9, we understand the deeply interconnected nature of sustainability, optimal supply chain performance and technology.”

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