Luxury brand Burberry announced today that its climate goals have been approved by the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) as meeting the criteria to keep global warming to 1.5°C in line with the Paris Agreement. Burberry is the first luxury fashion brand to receive approval by the initiative for its net zero emissions target.

SBTi is one of the key organizations focused on aligning corporate environmental sustainability action with the global goals of addressing and limiting climate change. Last year, the organization launched its Net Zero Standard, setting stringent criteria which it uses to assess and certify corporate commitments to achieve net zero emissions. SBTi also tightened its criteria for approved climate targets, announcing that it will only accept targets aligned with its 1.5°C warming ambition, as required to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.  

Luiz Amaral, Chief Executive Officer of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), said:

“Climate science tells us that we need rapid and deep emissions cuts if we are to achieve global net-zero and prevent the most damaging effects of climate change. Burberry’s net-zero targets match the urgency of the climate crisis and set a clear example that their peers must follow.”

Burberry first set science-based targets in 2019, and last year the company pledged to go beyond net zero, to become “climate positive” by 2040. The company’s short- and long-term climate commitments include a goal to cut absolute scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions 95% by 2023 from a 2017 base year, and absolute scope 3 GHG emissions by 46.2% by 2030, from a 2019 baseline.

In the longer term, the company aims to maintain at least 95% scope 1 and 2 GHG reductions from 2023 through 2040 against a FY 2017 base year, while reducing absolute scope 3 GHG emissions by 90% by 2040 from a 2019 base year.

Scopes 1 and 2 encompass emissions generated by Burberry’s operations, such as electricity and gas in stores, manufacturing hubs, and offices. Scope 3 includes emissions in Burberry’s extended supply chain such as energy usage by manufacturing and material sourcing partners. 

Caroline Laurie, VP of Corporate Responsibility, Burberry, said:

 “Rooting our commitments in science has always been a priority at Burberry, so we can ensure the steps we are taking will have the necessary impact and bring about lasting change. We continue to challenge ourselves to drive measurement, improvement and transparency across our operations and we are committed to continue working with our suppliers and partners to accelerate the adoption of more sustainable practices. We hope this encourages others to do the same.”

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