Energy and sustainability enterprise resource planning software provider EnergyCAP announced today that it has acquired energy management analytics and monitoring platform Wattics.

Founded in 2011, Wattics enables energy and sustainability professionals to manage, monitor, and analyze energy, commodities, and related data from one dashboard, helping them improve their operations’ sustainability. Customers can use Wattics to centralize monitoring, identify energy waste and anomalies, trigger real-time notifications, create energy calculations, measure & verify projects, create energy reports, and monitor indoor air quality, among others.

Antonio Ruzzelli, Wattics CEO & Founder, said:

“We are so proud and thrilled to be joining forces with EnergyCAP. It is the coronation of a journey that started in Ireland over ten years ago which now has a global footprint in over fifty-five countries. With EnergyCAP, we have a huge opportunity to dramatically accelerate our mission, allowing companies to mitigate climate change by purposefully managing their carbon footprint.”

According to EnergyCAP, the acquisition expands its platform capabilities to include advanced energy management analytics tools that provide building- and device-level interval data analytics and dashboards to further support its customers in their journey to net-zero carbon emissions.

Tom Patterson, EnergyCAP CEO, said:

“Wattics fits perfectly into our product vision by expanding our platform to include the end-to-end, real-time building- and device-level interval data and analytics necessary to improve energy efficiency and accelerate decarbonization. EnergyCAP and Wattics together become the ideal solution to support and validate the entire customer journey to net-zero.”

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