Macquarie Group’s Commodities and Global Markets division announced today an investment in carbon offset project-focused consultancy Ecological Carbon Offset Partners (EP Carbon), in a move aimed at supporting EP Carbon’s expansion and advancing Macquarie’s voluntary carbon offsets business.

The investment comes as demand for carbon offset projects that counteract the release of greenhouse gases, and related credits, is expected to increase significantly over the next several years, as companies and businesses increasingly launch net zero ambitions, and turn to offsets as a bridge to their own absolute emissions reduction efforts, or to balance difficult to avoid emissions.

Erik Petersson, Head of Macquarie’s Global Carbon division, said:

“We are excited to support EP Carbon in its plans for growth. This infusion of capital, together with the support of Macquarie’s Global Carbon business, will help EP Carbon attract talented staff, expand its capabilities and increase access to funding. As a trusted name in the industry, our investment will also deepen the technical decarbonization expertise Macquarie provides its clients as the global energy transition accelerates.”

Founded in 2010, EP Carbon works with clients to develop successful nature-based carbon offset projects, helping to accelerated access to private capital to scope, launch and operate conservation, restoration and agroforestry projects. The company specializes in the technical aspects of geospatial analysis, complex carbon accounting and capacity-building for project implementation.

Sam Frankel, Managing Director of EP Carbon, said:

“We’re excited to combine our tested expertise building highest quality nature-based carbon projects with Macquarie’s comprehensive market insight and global reach. This relationship will help us serve more projects and deliver more impact to mitigate climate change and improve livelihoods.”

According to the companies, proceeds from the investment will be used to further develop EP Carbon’s technology suite, hire and train carbon technical experts and fund its new “Toll” service plan.

Kyle Holland, Founder and Technical Advisor of EP Carbon, said:

“We’re looking forward to working with Global Carbon and Macquarie’s global platform to deliver our range of services to new nature-based carbon offset and conservation projects around the world.”

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