Nestlé’s Nespresso coffee brand revealed today a new range of compostable paper-based coffee capsules. The new capsules will be launched in a pilot in France and Switzerland in spring 2023, with plans to roll out to other European countries within a year.

The company said that the new capsules are being launched following three years of research and development, meeting increasing consumer demand for compostable packaging.

Nespresso said that the new capsules are aimed at widening the sustainability choices for consumers, providing an alternative for those with access to composting. Nespresso’s current capsules are made using 80% recycled aluminum, and the company offers over 100,000 aluminum capsule recycle collection points in 70 countries.

Guillaume Le Cunff, Nespresso CEO, said: 

“We are excited to announce our first ever paper-based home compostable capsule, which will complement our offering of aluminium capsules that are both recyclable and made using 80% recycled aluminium. This is about yet another sustainable choice, without compromising on quality.”

The company said that the capsules utilize a series of proprietary technologies, including a proprietary lining to protect the coffee against oxidization.

Charles Héaulmé, CEO of sustainable packaging solutions provider Huhtamaki, one of the partners in the development of the capsules, said:

“We are delighted to partner with Nespresso on the home compostable paper-based capsule. Part of this breakthrough innovation is the result of combining paper pulp from wood fibre, a natural renewable material, compressing it to a coffee capsule using our high precision technology, creating another sustainable alternative for Nespresso lovers.”

The new capsules have been certified for home and industrial composting by international certification body TUV Austria.

Julia Lauricella, Head of Nestlé System Technology Center, said: 

“Our 40 years of experience in coffee systems allowed us, together with the Nestlé Institute of Packaging Sciences, to develop a home compostable paper-based capsule, retro-compatible with the Nespresso Original machines, that meets and exceeds the high expectations consumers have of Nespresso in terms of protecting the coffee’s aromas and taste.”

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